Spinal Health & Wellness

Spinal health and wellness begins with learning about all of the things your spine is responsible for. It is the structural support for the core of the body. Maintaining the integrity of the spinal column is essential for good health and wellness.


Proper Lifting Techniques

One of the most commonly reported causes of injuries to the back and spinal column is improper lifting techniques. Learning good body mechanics and understanding how to properly lift heavy or awkward objects is the key to keeping your spinal column in good condition.

Stretch It Out!

Stretching throughout the day opens up the spine, relieving pressure and giving it a chance to move more freely. Stretching improves circulation and improves blood flow to injured areas. It also improves range of motion and relieves stiffness that often accompanies inflammation. The best thing about stretching is that it can be performed almost anywhere. Simple stretches can even be performed while you are sitting at your desk. Stretching only takes a few minutes to do and will give you a short break to collect your thoughts.

Supports the Immune System

Because your spine protects the spinal cord, it also supports other functions of the body. This includes how our body digests foods and our immune system. Keeping your spine healthy is important for general wellness throughout the body. When our spine is in good shape, it is easy to remain active. This boosts our immune system and helps to improve how our entire body functions. 

Regular Visits to Our Chiropractor

Regular visits to our chiropractor is the best way to ensure that your spinal column remains in good condition. Maintaining balance through adjustments and other techniques used in chiropractic care offers immunity support, better physiological function, and improved body mechanics. Regular visits with our chiropractor will not only help your back and spine, but will also give you the motivation you need to live a healthier lifestyle. 

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