Shoulder Injury from Auto Accident

Treat Your Shoulder Pain Injury Following An Auto Accident

Even the most minor auto accidents can lead to lingering pain and injuries that may leave you dealing with discomfort for months, if not years if left untreated. However, many auto accident injuries go undetected by primary care providers. Your doctor may prescribe some pain medication temporarily. This, however, doesn't do anything but mask the pain as it will not treat the root cause of your pain. Perhaps you have only bruised soft tissue, in which case the pain will eventually go away. Cases of lingering shoulder pain, neck pain, and other discomforts are likely due to bones within your body that have shifted out of proper alignment. A doctor is not going to treat this kind of condition, but our chiropractor can. At Dyker Heights Family Chiropractor, we have years of experience providing residents of Brooklyn with auto accident injury relief.


Restore Your Alignment

Because your hands are gripping a stationary object (the wheel) during an accident, auto accident victims often push their shoulder blades out of proper alignment. This can lead to not only pain in your shoulders, but also additional tension in your neck and back. To relieve your pain and restore your range of motion, you will need to have your shoulder placed back into its proper position.

Shoulder Pain Relief in Brooklyn

It is important to be given a clean bill of health following an auto accident. Much like you should take your car into the shop to make sure there are underlying issues with the vehicle that have gone undetected, you will want to consult your local Brooklyn chiropractor to make sure there are no problems with your alignment. Often, shoulder and neck pain will creep up several days after an accident. This is common as the adrenaline released within your body may block out pain receptors.

If you have been in an accident recently, or if you are experiencing lingering shoulder pain following an accident in the past, the chiropractic professionals at Dyker Heights Family Chiropractor are ready to assist you. For more information on shoulder pain relief or to schedule an appointment, call us at (718) 837-0048.


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