Using A Mask While Exercising Is Still Effective

Gyms and exercise studios are beginning to open. Some of us are excited, some of us are nervous and most have many different emotions going on about returning to our old workout routines. What is a fact is that we will need to be using masks while exercising in public gyms. There’s no doubt that this is uncomfortable but I’d like to share some tips and insight to get the best results in our current circumstances.

Wearing a mask may be uncomfortable but it doesn’t really significantly reduce the amount of oxygen we are taking in. It may slow the way we breathe so be aware of adapt accordingly. Face coverings do trap carbon dioxide. This doesn’t pose a significant health risk, either. It just may take some getting used to, especially if you suffer from poor breathing. Be aware of not getting too stressed about wearing a mask when training because this turns on our fight or flight response which also eats up our oxygen.

Some simple suggestions to begin our exercise program while wearing a mask include:

  • Proper breathing techniques including box breathing, prone breathing and nasal breathing.
  • Improve your ability to exhale to build tolerance to carbon dioxide
  • Reduce intensity of your program while getting used to wearing a mask while training.
  • Keep being excited and be positive. Stay in a positive frame of mind
  • Eat well and make sure you get your nutrients including proteins, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.
  • Choose a comfortable mask
  • Wash your mask
  • At home, practice breathing with your mask on.
  • Be flexible and adapt as necessary. This may take time getting used to.
  • Get adjusted. A properly functioning nervous system through Chiropractic keeps us functioning optimally.

During this COVID pandemic, it is so important to keep ourselves working at our best. We are dealing with so much excessive stress and to keep our immunity at its best it so important that you include Chiropractic, exercise, healthy eating and an impeccable mental outlook to get us through this.

Be safe and healthy by taking action steps. Please contact me at 718 837 0048 or [email protected] for questions, comments or to make an appointment.


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