Your First Consultation After an Auto Accident Injury: What To Expect

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Your First Consultation After an Auto Accident Injury: What To Expect

Car accidents are scary, no matter how minor or serious they are. You must deal with the insurance companies, your car likely needs to be repaired, and you may have been injured.

Whether or not you are in pain, it's important to see a chiropractor right away after an accident. Symptoms often do not present until days or even weeks later, so you may not even realize you have experienced an auto accident injury.

At Dyker Heights Family Chiropractor in Brooklyn, we take a holistic, preventive approach in our practice. It is critical to catch any potential injuries or issues caused by an accident early on and correct them as quickly as possible, and it all starts with a chiropractic consultation.

What To Expect At Your Consultation

Our doctors want to thoroughly understand everything you are experiencing – or may experience in the coming days. To that end, your auto accident injury consultation will begin with a simple discussion to get a clearer idea of the extent of your injuries. The chiropractor will ask for details about the accident, any symptoms you are experiencing, and your medical history.

Next, the chiropractor will conduct a physical exam to determine if neck or spine functionality has been affected. Even a minor misalignment can have a significant impact on your overall health

What happens next is entirely dependent on your unique circumstances. The doctor may choose to order x-rays or to begin treatment the same day. He or she may also not take any immediate action but ask you to come back in a few days for a follow-up.

Chiropractic Care Options

Regardless of what course of action the chiropractor recommends, Dyker Heights Family Chiropractor uses several gentle, non-invasive techniques. These include manual adjustment, Active Release Technique, and spinal decompression and manipulation.

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